Committee on Academic Policy and Planning

Student Services West

The Bylaws detail the areas on which AP&P members focus, specifically:

  • issues of academic philosophy, standards, and conduct as well as the appropriateness of present and proposed programs, degrees, majors, options, and concentrations.
  • faculty-student relations.
  • governance of the University.
  • other matters of academic policy.

AP&P has a membership of 14:

  • Ex-officio members (3)
      • Provost or designee
      • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Engagement and Student Achievement
      • Dean of Graduate Affairs
  • Appointed members (11):
    • nine faculty--one from each of the seven Colleges (two of whom must be elected Senators), the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus
    • two students

AY 2017/18 AP&P Roster

Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Faculty / A&L Abdel-Nour, Farid May-20 Jun-14 POL S Yes
Faculty / BUS Penrose, John May-18 May-05 MGT  
Faculty / EDU Phillip, Randy May-20 Oct-08 STE  
Faculty / ENG Beyene, Asfaw May-18 Sep-12 M E  
Faculty / HHS Mahar, Matthew May-20 Aug-17 ENS Yes
Faculty / PFSA Hopkins, D.J. (Chair) May-19 THEA Yes
Faculty / SCI Schellenberg, Stephen May-18 Oct-12 GEOL  
Faculty / IVC Castaneda, Donna May-20 Oct-14 IVC  
Faculty / LIA Lach, Pamella May-20 Aug-17 LIA  
Provost (or designee) Enwemeka, Chukuka S. AA  
AVP Student Achievement Shultz, Norah DUS  
Dean of Division of Graduate Affairs Balsdon, Ed (Designee) G&RA  
Staff Preciado, Jose May-19 Oct-13 DUS Yes
Student Thomas, Chris May-18 Aug-17 AS  

AP&P convenes on Tuesdays -- specifically, the week following a Senate meeting. Following, then, are the dates for AY 2017-18.

Fall 2017
Tuesday, September 12
Tuesday, October 10
Tuesday, November 14
Tuesday, December 12
Spring 2018
Tuesday, February 13
Tuesday, March 13
Tuesday, April 10
Tuesday, May 8

Meetings are held in PSFA 357 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.


Upload submitted reports to the Senate and record them in this section.