Committee on Academic Policy and Planning


Primary focus areas, as detailed in the bylaws:

  • issues of academic philosophy, standards, and conduct as well as the appropriateness of present and proposed programs, degrees, majors, options, and concentrations.
  • faculty-student relations.
  • governance of the University.
  • other matters of academic policy.


AP&P has a membership of 14:

  • Ex-officio members (3)
      • Provost or designee
      • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Engagement and Student Achievement
      • Dean of Graduate Affairs
  • Appointed members (11):
    • nine faculty--one from each of the seven Colleges (two of whom must be elected Senators), the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus
    • two students

AY 2017/18 AP&P Roster

Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Faculty / A&L Abdel-Nour, Farid May-20 Jun-14 POL S Yes
Faculty / BUS Penrose, John May-18 May-05 MGT  
Faculty / EDU Phillip, Randy May-20 Oct-08 STE  
Faculty / ENG Beyene, Asfaw May-18 Sep-12 M E  
Faculty / HHS Mahar, Matthew May-20 Aug-17 ENS Yes
Faculty / PFSA Hopkins, D.J. (Chair) May-19 THEA Yes
Faculty / SCI Schellenberg, Stephen May-18 Oct-12 GEOL  
Faculty / IVC Castaneda, Donna May-20 Oct-14 IVC  
Faculty / LIA Lach, Pamella May-20 Aug-17 LIA  
Provost (or designee) Enwemeka, Chukuka S. AA  
AVP Student Achievement Shultz, Norah DUS  
Dean of Division of Graduate Affairs Balsdon, Ed (Designee) G&RA  
Staff Preciado, Jose May-19 Oct-13 DUS Yes
Student Thomas, Chris May-18 Aug-17 AS  

AP&P convenes on Tuesdays. Following are the dates for AY 2018-19.

Fall 2018
Tuesday, August 25
Tuesday, September 25
Tuesday, October 23
Tuesday, November 27
Spring 2019
Tuesday, January 29
Tuesday, February 26
Tuesday, March 26
Tuesday, April 30

Meetings are held in PSFA 357 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Upload submitted reports to the Senate and record them in this section.