Committee on Academic Resources and Planning


The Bylaws detail the areas on which AR&P members focus, specifically:

  • allocations of University resources.
  • University budgets and their allocation, allocation of facilities and positions, and allocation of special funds.
  • patterns of previous expenditures (with members proposing changes as they may affect instructional programs).
  • general policy recommendations associated with present and future resource decisions.

AR&P has a membership of 15:

  • Ex-officio members (3)
      • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Resource Management
      • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs or designee
      • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
  • Appointed members (12)
    • nine faculty--one from each of the seven Colleges (two of whom must be elected Senators), the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus
    • one staff
    • two students

AY 2017/18 AR&P Roster

Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Faculty / A&L Blanco, Alda May-19 Aug-16 POLSCI Yes
Faculty / BUS Anderson, John May-19 Mar-07 ACCTG  
Faculty / EDU          
Faculty / ENG          
Faculty / HHS Ayala, Suchi May-18 Jan-15 P H  
Faculty / IVC          
Faculty / LIA Weston, Wil May-20 May-17 LIA  
Faculty / PFSA Conaty, Donna (Chair) May-19 Sep-13 PSFA Yes
Faculty / SCI Lewison, Rebecca May-18 Oct-15 BIO Yes
Staff Preciado, Jose May-19 Oct-13 DUS Yes
Associate Vice President for Academic Resources (or designee) Prislin, Radmila AA  
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (or designee) Little, Crystal (designee)
Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee) Chung, Tony (designee)
Student Thomas, Chris May-17 Sep-17 AS  
Student Dailey, Sydney May-17 Sep-17 AS  

AP&P convenes biweekly, on Tuesdays (with some exceptions). The AY 2018-19 meeting schedule is below.

Fall 2018
Tuesday, September 25
Tuesday, October 9
Tuesday, October 23
Tuesday, November 13
Tuesday, November 27
Tuesday, December 11
Spring 2019
Tuesday, January 29
Tuesday, February 12
Tuesday, March 12
Tuesday, March 26
Tuesday, April 16
Tuesday, April 30
Tuesday, May 14
Tuesday, May 21 (hold)

Meetings are held in AD 225, and begin at 2:00 pm.

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