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Excellence in Teaching Award

The Senate's Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes an SDSU faculty member for contributions made to students' innovative curricula, and teaching methods, as well as mentorship and coaching.  Also considered is how the awardee's teaching excellence impacts the discipline and larger community. The awardee receives the title Senate Distinguished Professor and a stipend. Qualified nominees may be tenured, tenure-track (probationary), or FERP.

Below is a list of recipients since 2006 and the year in which each was recognized.

Recipient Year Awarded
Eve Kornfeld (History) 2018
John Elder (Public Health) 2017
Matt Anderson (Physics) 2015
Jennifer Imazeki (Economics)   2014
Elizabeth Pollard (History) 2013

Julio Valdes (Civil, Construction,
and Environmental Engineering)

Rebecca Moore (Religious Studies) 2010
Brian Spitzberg (Communication) 2009
Paul Gilbert (Psychology) 2008
Garry Girty (Geology) 2006