Committee on Committees and Elections


The Bylaws detail the areas on which CCE members focus, specifically:

  • procedures for and supervision/administration of all elections of members of the Senate.
  • procedures for and supervision/administration of all elections within the Senate (including elected Officers and elected members of all Committees - excluding CCE).
  • certification of vacancies in the Senate and Senate-appointed Committees (as well recommendations to the Senate for filling those vacancies as they arise).
  • eligibility for election or membership in the electorate (in case of doubt).

CCE must observe all membership parameters noted in the Bylaws; for example, it shall:

  • operate as a committee of the whole.
  • ensure that all Committees consist of at least three members.
  • ensure that each elected Senator is serving on at least one Senate or Senate-appointed Committee.
  • ensure that no ex-officio member is named Chair of a Committee, unless otherwise provided.

CCE has a membership of 12:

  • Nine Senators--one from each of the seven Colleges, the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus
  • Three additional faculty--one each from the College of Arts & Letters, College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts, and College of Sciences

Roster / AY 2018-19

Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)


Term Ends

Appt. Date


Faculty – A&L Clo, Clarissa 19-May 18-May ITA Sen
Faculty – A&L  Beltran, Alredo Urzua 19-May 18-May SPLL Sen
Faculty – BUS  Gubellini, Stefano 19-May 18-May FINANCE Sen
Faculty – EDU  Wood, J Luke 19-May 18-May ARPE Sen
Faculty – ENG  Youssef, George 19-May 18-Mar M ENG Sen
Faculty – HHS  Gates, Michael 19-May 18-May NURS Sen
Faculty – IVC  Abarbanell, Linda 19-May 18-May IVC Sen
Faculty – LIA  Weston, Wil 19-May 18-May LIA Sen
Faculty – PFSA  Sasidharan, Vinod 19-May 18-May TTF Sen
Faculty – PFSA  Canary, Heather 19-May 18-May COMM Sen
Faculty – SCI  Marx, David 19-May 18-May PSY Sen
Faculty – SCI  Vaughn, Allison (Chair) 19-May 18-May PSY Sen

CCE meets at 1:00 pm on Tuesdays that the Senate meets. Thus, dates for AY 2018-19 are:

Tuesday, September 4
Tuesday, October 2
Tuesday, November 6
Tuesday, December 4

Tuesday, February 5
Tuesday, March 5
Tuesday, April 9
Tuesday, May 7

Some meetings are held electronically; others convene in LS N 120; contact Chair Allison Vaughn for specifics.

Upload committee agenda and minutes here.

Upload submitted reports to the Senate here (i.e. Annual Report...)