Committee on Constitution and Bylaws


The Bylaws detail the areas on which CBL members focus, specifically:

  • the Senate Constitution and Bylaws as well as University policies (recommending changes as warranted).
  • interpretation of texts of Senate-approved documents referred to it.
  • the list of Senate and Senate-approved Committees and of the membership and functions of each (recommending revisions as warranted).

CBL has a membership of seven:

  • Nonappointed (1)
    • Secretary of the Senate
  • Appointed (6)
    • four faculty
    • one non-MPP staff
    • one student 

AY 2017/18 CBL Roster

Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Senate Secretary Attiq, Bann May-18 May-17 SCI Yes
Faculty – Open Morsi, Khaled May-19 Oct-08 M E Yes
Faculty – Open Chizik, Estella May-18 Oct-11 STE  
Faculty – Open Sabzehgar, Reza May-20 Nov-14 E E  
Faculty – Open Csomay, Eniko (Chair) May-18 Nov-09 AL Yes
Staff – Non-MPP Bredvold, Marilyn May-20 August-17 CoEd  
Student Anasair, Marisa May-18 Feb-17    

CCE convenes from noon to 2:00 pm on Tuesdays that SEC meets. Thus, dates for this academic year are:

Tuesday, August 22
Tuesday, September 19
Tuesday, October 17
Tuesday, November 21

Tuesday, Jauary 23
Tuesday, February 20
Tuesday, March 29
Tuesday, April 17

Upload accessible pdf versions of agendas and minutes here.

Upload submitted reports to the Senate here.