Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Outreach


The Bylaws detail the areas on which DEO members focus, specifically:

  • University-wide programs for the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students.
  • advice to University administration (subject to approval of the President) regarding prohibited discrimination, equal opportunity, outreach, and related matters.
  • other advisement as requested (for example: to Enrollment Services, student organizations, Departments and Schools, the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance, etc.).

DEO has a membership of 21:

  • Ex-officio members (nine)
      • Provost or designee
      • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Enrollment or designee
      • Director of the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance
      • Chief Diversity Officer
      • Chair of the Senate or designee
      • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
      • Associate Vice President Academic Affairs/Academic Engagement and Student Achievement or designee
      • Director of the Center for Human Resources or designee
      • Director of Student Ability Success Center or designee
  • Appointed members (12)
    • nine faculty (one of whom must be an elected Senator)--with each of the seven Colleges, the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus represented; one of the nine shall serve as Chair
    • two students (one of whom must represent Associated Students)
    • one staff.

AY 2017/18 DEO Roster

Academic Unit or Ex Officio position Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Assistant Vice President for AA/ Director of Enrollment Srvs (or designee) Cook, Sandra (designee) ENROLLMENT SRVCS  
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Student Ach Abbott, Janet (designee) DUS  
Director - Center for Human Reources (or designee) Bendinelli, Heather     HR  
Chief Diversity Officer Bruce, Aaron PRESIDENT'S OFFICE  
Director of Office of Employee Relations and Compliance Harpole, Thom EMPLOYEE RELATIONS AND COMPLIANCE  
Faculty – A&L Donadey, Anne May-18 May-09 EUROP  
Faculty – BUS Chung, Beth (Chair) May-18 May-09 MGT  
Faculty – EDU Butler-Byrd, Nola May-20 May-09 CSP  
Faculty – ENG May-Newman, Karen May-18 Sep-15   Yes
Faculty – HHS Kressler, Jochen May-20 Sep-17 ENS Yes
Faculty – PFSA Lindemann, Kurt May-18 Oct-15    
Faculty – SCI Swairjo, Manal May-20   GEN S  
Faculty – IVC Camargo, Esperanza May-20 Aug-17 IVC  
Faculty – LIA Rhodes, Gloria May-20 Sep-11 LIA  
Staff Stewart, Rachael May-19 Jun-16 Ed Lead Coordinator  
Provost (or designee) Eadie, Bill AA  
Senate Chair (or designee) Preciado, Jose May-19 Aug-16   Yes
Vice President - Academic Affairs (or designee) Figueroa, Vitaliano AVP  
Director of Student Disability and Services Starr, Pam __ __ SDS  
Student Marshall, Samantha Aug-17 May-18 PSY  
Student Sabio, Chloe May-18   AS  

DEO convenes on Thursdays; following are the dates for AY 2017/18.

Fall 2017
Thursday, September 7
Thursday, October 5
Thursday, November 2
Thursday, December 7
Tuesday, November 15
Tuesday, December 12
Spring 2018

Meetings are held in the Lipinsky Room (SSW 1609) from 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

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