Environment and Safety Committee

Storm Hall West at dusk

The UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File details the areas in which Committee members focus - specifically:

  • policies and procedures on the health, safety, and learning conditions of the campus environment (to include: sidewalks, walkways, and pedestrian malls; classrooms, laboratories, and work areas); and restrooms, stairwells, elevators, and hallways).
  • investigation of such problems/issues as health, hazardous materials and waste, safety, emergency preparedness, excessive noise or traffic, and other matters that detrimentally affect the campus environment.

This Committee has a membership of 13:

  • five faculty - one of whom serves as Chair and one an elected Senator
  • two staff
  • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs or Director of Administrative Services
  • Director of Health Services or designee
  • Directors of Physical Plant or designee
  • one member of the local Unit 3 collective bargaining agency
  • two students

Roster / AY 2017-18

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name Term Ends Appt. Date Department Senator
Faculty – Open Seshagiri, Sridhar (Chair) 20-May 12-Feb COMPE, EE  
Faculty – Open McCall, Michael 20-May 17-Oct SOC Sen
Faculty – Open Barker, Valerie 20-May 17-Sep JMS Sen
Faculty – Open Khoo, Aurorae 20-May 17-Dec ThTVFilm  
Faculty – Open Werry, Chris 20-May 17-Dec RWS Sen
Member of Local Unit 3 Collective Bargaining Agency          
Staff Rehfuss, Todd 19-May 13-Nov KPBS  
Staff Gagne, Lynn 20-May 14-Nov SDS  
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (or designee) Director of Administrative Services Nancy Demich, designee BUSINESS & FINANCE  
Director of Health Services (or designee) S/B: Pamela Starr    
Director of Physical Plant (or designee) S/B: John Ferris BUSINESS & FINANCE  
Student Osin, Tomi 18-May 17-Nov AS  

Generally meets 3rd Tuesday of the month in E101 (basement) from 9:30-10:30 am




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