Committee on Faculty Affairs


The Bylaws detail the areas on which Faculty Affairs members focus (in conformance with the Unit 3 faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement [CBA]), specifically:

  • policies concerning the selection and evaluation of academic tenure, promotions, sabbaticals, academic privilege, and separation from the University.
  • advice to the President on staff issues and the selection of administrative personnel.


Faculty Affairs has a membership of seven:

  • Ex-officio (1)
    • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Faculty Advancement or designee
  • Appointed members (6)
    •  six full-time faculty, two of whom must be elected Senators

AY 2018/19 FA Roster

Academic Unit (or Ex Officio position) Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Faculty / Open Imazeki, Jennifer (Chair) May-20 Oct-13 ECON Yes
Faculty / Open Peter, Paula May-19 Feb-15 BUS Yes
Faculty / Open Nellie Tran May-19 Aug-16 CSP  
Faculty / Open Winslow, Luke May-20 Mar-17 COMM  
Faculty / Open Field, Margaret May-21 May-15 LING  
Faculty / Open Alter, Joe May-20 Mar-17 DANCE  
Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
(or designee)(non-voting)
Brooks, Joanna AA  

FA convenes on the first Friday of the month, 1:00-2:30pm

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