Policy File



University Policy File 2018/19 (downloadable) 

The AY 2018/19 Policy File will soon be restructured for the web, making it easier to locate information via cell phone, tablet, or computer. We will update the pdf version once the document is fully transitioned to the web.

Text in red is for Senate Office purposes only. We continue to validate references to Title 5 and other regulations, and to highlight areas within the document that are outdated.

To navigate to specific sections of interest within the pdf, use the bookmarks feature within your browser. 

The pdf version of the Policy File is organized with bookmarks; bookmarks allow you to jump to a specific section of a document without excessive scrolling. Every Internet browser that displays pdf documents features bookmarks. 

In Chrome, for example, the bookmark symbol appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen next to the print icon. In Firefox, the symbol is also in the upper right-hand corner, but next to the download icon. 

You may also want to simply download a pdf file and open it directly in Adobe Acrobat. In Adobe, the bookmark symbol is located on the left-side ribbon, just above the attachment (paperwork) icon.