Research Council

Storm Hall West at dusk

The Council shall promote, encourage, and publicize the research activities necessary to carry out SDSU's educational mission and improve the University's instructional programs.  Responsibilities, for example, include recommendation of policies for the creation of interdisciplinary research bureaus and institutes (and routine reviews of their activities), promotion of University-wide research lectureships on topics of general interest, faculty assistance regarding fellowships and grants, development and recommendation of University policies on patents and copyrights, etc.  

Specifics of the Council's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

The Council has a minimum membership of 18:

  • At least 16 faculty, one to three from each of the seven Colleges, the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus
  • Vice President for Research/Dean of Graduate Affairs or designee, who shall serve as Chair
  • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Engagement and Student Achievement or designee

Roster / AY 2017-18

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name Term Ends Appt. Date Department Senator
Vice President - Research and Dean - Graduate Affairs (Chair) Welter, Stephen (Chair) G&RA  
AVP Student Achievement Shultz, Norah DUS  
Faculty – A&L Marcelli, Enrico 18-May 15-May SOC  
Faculty – A&L Wheeler, Mark 20-May 12-Sep PHIL  
Faculty – BUS Briggs, Robert 18-May 11-Oct MIS  
Faculty – BUS Musteen, Martina 20-May 14-Nov MGT  
Faculty – EDU Park, Cynthia 18-May 15-May STE  
Faculty – EDU Bresciani, Marilee 19-May 10-Sep ARPE  
Faculty – ENG Youssef, George 20-May 17-Sep MENG  
Faculty – ENG Engin, Ege 19-May 16-Oct M E Sen
Faculty – HHS Gombatto, Sara 20-May 17-Sep ENS Sen
Faculty – HHS Reed, Mark 20-May 17-Nov SOC W  
Faculty – IVC Stampfl, Barry 20-May 16-Aug IVC  
Faculty – LIA Lanthorne, Amanda 20-May 17-Sep LIA  
Faculty – PFSA Beach, Wayne 19-May 10-Sep COMM  
Faculty – PFSA Oh, Chuyun 20-May 17-Nov DANCE  
Faculty – SCI Anderson, Todd 19-May   BIOL  
Faculty – SCI Love, John 20-May 17-Sep CHEM Sen
Faculty – SCI Segall, Anca 20-May 17-Oct BIOL  
IRB Perez, Ramona ANTH/LATAM/IB  
Graduate and Research Affairs Plemmons, Dena G&RA  
Graduate and Research Affairs Balsdon, Ed CAL  
Research Foundation Wolfson, Bob SDSURF  
Research Foundation Brighton, Debbie SDSURF  
Research Foundation Goetz, Michele SDSURF  
Research Foundation Hushen, Tim SDSURF  
Research Foundation VACANT    

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