SEC Roster for AY 2018/19

Name Role Email
Bober-Michel, Marcie Chair [email protected]
Ornatowski, Cezar Vice Chair [email protected]
Attiq, Bann Secretary [email protected]
Eadie, Bill Parliamentarian [email protected]
Name Role Email
Sha, Bey-Ling College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts [email protected]
Schellenberg, Stephen College of Sciences [email protected]
Wheeler, Mark College of Arts and Letters [email protected]
Name Role Email
Abdel-Nour, Farid Academic Policy and Planning
(Interim Chair, Spring 2019)
[email protected]
Atterton, Peter Constitution & Bylaws [email protected]
Conaty, Donna Academic Resources and Planning (Co-chair) [email protected]
Chung, Beth Diversity, Equity, and Outreach [email protected]
Imazeki, Jennifer Faculty Affairs [email protected]
Reed, Mark Academic Resources and Planning (Co-chair, attending) [email protected]
Vaughn, Allison Committees and Elections [email protected]
Verity, Larry Undergraduate Curriculum [email protected]
Name Role Email
Johnson, Joseph Interim Provost and Senior Vice President [email protected]
Shultz, Norah AVP for Academic Affairs - Student Achievement [email protected]
Welter, Stephen VP of Research and Dean of Graduate Affairs [email protected]
Name Term Email
Butler-Byrd, Nola Representative for Fall 2018, CSU Academic Senate [email protected]
Chie, Cyndi Staff [email protected]
Thomas, Chris Associated Students - President [email protected]
Toombs, Charles CFA President [email protected]