Student Learning Outcomes and Program Assessment Committee


The UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File details the areas on which Committee members focus - specifically:

  • oversight for the program assessment of Degree Learning Outcomes.
  • evaluation of assessment plans and progress for all degrees and programs (including those accredited by external agencies).
  • review (on a regular basis) of and feedback on assessment reports for each degree.

This Committee has a membership of 15:

  • nine faculty (one from each of the seven Colleges, the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus)
  • Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs/Educational Effectiveness
  • Associate Vice President of Student Affairs or designee
  • representative of Instructional Technology Services (nonvoting)
  • representative of the Center for Teaching and Learning (nonvoting)
  • two students (undergraduate)

Roster / AY 2018-19

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name Term Ends Appt. Date Department Senator
Faculty – A&L Csomay, Eniko 19-May 16-Sep LING Sen
Faculty – BUS Shin, Taekjin 21-May 18-Sep MGMT  
Faculty – EDU Bresciani, Marilee 20-May 17-Sep ARPE  
Faculty – ENG Youssef, George 20-May 17-Oct M ENG  
Faculty – HHS Verity, Larry 20-May 18-Jan HHS  
Faculty – LIA Jackson, Pamela 20-May 7-Apr LIA  
Faculty – PFSA Alter, Joseph 20-May 18-Jan DANCE  
Faculty – SCI   21-May      
Faculty – IV Boime, Eric & Bodus, Stacy 20-May 17-Sep IV  
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs - Educational Effectiveness Schellenberg, Stephen (Chair) DAESA Sen

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

Student Delbick, Ezra 20-May 18-Nov AS