Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum


The Bylaws detail the areas on which Undergraduate Curriculum members focus, specifically:

  • undergraduate curriculum proposals (to include additions, deletions, and changes), with special consideration to items of an interdepartmental or University-wide interest.
  • undergraduate curriculum proposals reviewed by the Deans and by the Undergraduate Council.
  • a curriculum proposal requested by a person, Department, Dean, or College curriculum committee.


Undergraduate Curriculum has a membership of 14:

  • Ex-officio members (3)
    • Provost or designee
    • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Enrollment or designee
    • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Academic Engagement and Student Achievement
  • Appointed members (11)
    • nine faculty--one from each of the seven Colleges, the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus
    • two students

Roster / AY 2017-18

Academic Unit or Ex Officio position Name Term Ends Appt Date Department Senator
Faculty / A&L Barbone, Steve May-19 Apr-10 PHIL  
Faculty / BUS DeBoskey, David May-19 Sept-16 ACCT Yes
Faculty / EDU Brandon, Regina May-19 Sep-11 SPED Yes
Faculty / ENG Sharma, Satish Kumar May-18 Oct-12 EE/COMPE  
Faculty / HHS Verity, Larry (Chair) May-20 Sep-13 HHS  
Faculty / PFSA Sha, Bey-Ling May-18 Oct-12 JMS Yes
Faculty / SCI Atkins, Cathie May-19 May-13 PSY Yes
Faculty / IVC Altamirano, Magdalena May-18 May-15 SPAN  
Faculty / LIA Tumlin, Markel May-20 Apr-08 LIA  
Provost (or designee) Enwemeka, Chukuka S. AA  
Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Cook, Sandra (Stephanie Samuels, designee) May-19 Sept-16 AA  
AVP Student Achievement Shultz, Norah DUS  
Student Marquez, Nikolas May-18 Sep-17 AS  

UCC convenes on Thursday;  following are the dates for AY 2017-18.

Fall 2017
Thursday, September 7
Thursday, September 21
Thursday, September 28
Thursday, October 5
Thursday, October 12
Thursday, October 19
Thursday, November 9
Thursday, November 16
Thursday, November 30
Thursday, December 7
Thursday, December 14
Spring 2018
Thursday, January 25
Thursday, February 1
Thursday, February 8
Thursday, February 15
Thursday, Februrary 22
Thursday, March 1
Thursday, March 8
Thursday, March 15
Thursday, March 22
Thursday, March 29
Thursday, April 5
Thursday, April 12
Thursday, April 19
Thursday, May 10
Thursday, May 24

Meetings are held in ED 154E from noon to 2:00 pm.

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