Committee on University Resources and Planning


The Bylaws detail the areas on which UR&P members focus, specifically:

  • allocations of University resources.
  • University budgets and their allocation, allocation of facilities and positions, and allocation of special funds.
  • patterns of previous expenditures (with members proposing changes as they may affect instructional programs).
  • general policy recommendations associated with present and future resource decisions.

AR&P has a membership of 18:

  • Ex-officio members (6)
      • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
      • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs or designee
      • Vice President for Information Technology or designee
      • Vice President for Research and Innovation or designee
      • Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity or designee
      • Vice President of Univeristy Relations and Development or designee
  • Appointed members (12)
    • nine faculty--one from each of the seven Colleges (two of whom must be elected Senators), the Library, and the SDSU Imperial Valley
    • one staff
    • two students
    • Bylaw Update to membership as of April 5, 2020.
Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)


Term Ends



Faculty - A&L McClish, Glen (Finishing term for Roberts) May-21 Sept-18 RWS
Faculty - BUS Anderson, John May-21 Mar-06 ACCT
Faculty - EDU Bercaw, Lynne May-23 Sept-20 TEACHER Ed.
Faculty - ENG Temesgen, Garoma May-22 Oct-17 M ENG
Faculty - HHS        
Faculty - IVC Boime, Eric May-21 Sept-18 IVC
Faculty - LIA Bliss, Laurel* May-23 May-17 LIA
Faculty - PSFA Ryan, Sherry* (Chair) May-22 Sep-19 SPA
Faculty - SCI Lewison, Rebecca* May-21 Oct-15 BIO
Staff Attiq, Bann* May-22  Sept-19 SCI
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Tong, Bill  ___ ___ AA
Business and Financial Affairs
(or designee)
Little, Crystal
___ ___ BFA
VP for
Informational Technology
(or designee)
 Necochea, Sheryl     infoTech
VP for
Research & Innovation
(or designee)
Reed, Mark     R&I
VP for
Student Affairs & Campus Diversity
(or designee)
Praba, Rashmi     SA+CD
VP for
University Relations and Development
(or designee)
 Fuhriman, David     URD
Student Halverson, Michelle May-21   AS
Student Sanchez, Crystal May-21   AS

AR&P convenes biweekly, on Tuesdays beginning at 2:00 pm. The AY 2020/21 meeting schedule is TBD.

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