Campus Fee Advisory Committee


The UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File details the areas on which Committee members focus - specifically:

  • ensuring that campus fees are established or adjusted in accordance with California State Fee Policy Executive Order 1102 (and its successors) and Trustees' Policy.
  • advising the President on establishment and adjustment of Category II and III fees.
  • advising the President on the reasonableness of Category II and III fee proposals - whether targeting new fees or the deletion, adjustment, or reclassification of current fees.

Pertinent policy and process information relative to campus fees is available online.

This committee has a membership of 17:

Ex-officio members (6):

  • Senate Chair or designee
  • Provost or designee
  • Vice President for Student Affairs & Campus Diversity or designee
  • Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs or designee
  • Vice President for Research & Innovation or designee
  • Associated Students President or designee

Appointed members (11):

  • two faculty members appointed by the Senate
  • one staff member appointed by the Senate
  • two students from SDSU Imperial Valley, appointed by Associated Students
  • seven students from the San Diego campus, appointed by Associated Students
    • One whom is the Associated Students President or designee
    • Student members shall constitute a majority
Major Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Dept.
Senate Chair
(or designee)
Faculty – Open Ely, David May-23 Oct-15 BUS
Faculty – Open Schuermann, Savanna May-24 Oct-21 CAL
Staff Aguilar, Norma May-25 May-22 IV
Provost (or designee) Kremicki, Mary Anne (designee for Hector Ochoa) AA
VP: Student Affairs and Campus Divesity (or designee) Praba, Rashmi (designee for J. Luke Wood) SA
VP: Business and Financial Affairs (or designee) Sims, T'Ante (Chair) (designee for Agnes Wong Nickerson) BFA
VP: Research & Innovation (or designee) Madanat, Hala AA
President,: Associated Students (or designee) Moore, Shawki

May-23 May-22 AS
Student Esteban, Karina May-22 Sept-21 AS
Student Moore, Shawki May-22 Sept-21 AS
Student Barber, Austin May-22 Sept-21 AS
Student Schenkenfelder, Jennifer May-22 Sept-21 AS
Student Jackson, Stephen May-22 Sept-21 AS
Student Oduro, Alexia May-22 Sept-21 AS
IVC Student Fitch, Carlos May-22 Oct-21 AS
IVC Student Gutierrez, Erika May-22 Oct-21 AS
Day Friday
Time 11 a.m. — 12 a.m.
Frequency Every other week
Modality via Zoom
Location N/A

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