Committee Chair Guide

Hepner Hall

Instructions for Submission of Information and Action Items

  1. An email call out for reports, information, and action items will go to all standing and other active committee chairs the week prior to a SEC or Senate meeting.  Committee items need to be sent into [email protected] no later than Tuesday of that week for the agenda to post and be distributed by the Thursday before the SEC or Senate meetings. 
  2. Any late items received after the Tuesday prior to a SEC or a Senate meeting will not appear on the agenda and must be printed as a hard copy handout.  Also, please send an email of your late item submission to both the Senate Chair's email and the University Senate email address.
  3. Items should be named with the following file naming convention: committee initials or name, dash, what the item is, dash, date. (ex: app-action-oct032019.doc) 
  4. Make sure to address your agenda items to SEC and/or Senate.
  5. Do not combine your information and action items in the same document.  These need to be submitted as separate memos.