Committee on Sustainability

Sustainability refers to practices designed to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It encompasses teaching, research, and practice in a variety of areas including but not limited to policy development, building design and construction, waste management and recycling, energy production and use, water use, and transportation. 

The UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File details the areas on which Committee members focus - specifically:

Primary focus area:

  • study, track and review sustainability issues related to the campus and make recommendations to
    improve sustainable practices,
  • coordinate with campus units and the community to ensure that sustainability is taken into
  • communicate with the Committee on Environment and Safety and the Campus Development
    Committee to ensure that sustainability is taken into consideration in the deliberations of those
  • receive copies of Executive Orders or other instructions to the campus dealing with sustainability
    and report on them to the Senate,
  • serve as a resource to faculty, staff and students wishing to undertake research, or propose
    curricular changes, or pursue sustainable practices,
  • communicate these activities and outcomes to the Senate, campus, and the broader community.

This Committee has a membership of 15:

Ex-officio members (7):

  • Vice President for Student Affairs & Campus Diversity or designee
  • Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement & Student Achievement or designee
  • Director of Facilities Planning, Design & Construction or designee
  • Associate Vice President for Business Operations or designee
  • SDSU Research Foundation Director of Facilities or designee
  • KPBS General Manager or designee
  • CEO of Aztec Shops or designee

Appointed members (8):

  • five faculty, with no more than two from any one college
  • one staff member
  • two students
Major Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Dept.
Faculty – Open Love, John (Interim Chair)* May-23 Sep-20 CHEM
Faculty – Open Barlow, Jessica May-24 Jul-21 SLHS
Faculty – Open Kelly, Scott* May-24 Sep-21 BIO
Faculty – Open Zona, Donatella* May-24 Jul-21 SCI
Faculty – Open Cornelis, Erlinde May-23 Sep-20 MKTG
Staff Walls, Pat May-25 May-22 CGS
VP: Student Affairs & Campus Diversity (or designee) Samarkos, Christy OMBDSMN
AVP: Faculty Advancement & Student Achievement  TBD FASS
AVP: Real Estate, Planning and Development
(or designee)
Schulz, Robert     BFA
AVP: Business Operations (or designee) Ockey, Daryn BFA
Director: Department of Energy & Sustainability Weil, David BFA
SDSURF Director of Facilities (or designee) Delacruz, Otto SDSURF
KPBS General Manager (or designee) Rogow, Bruce KPBS
CEO of AZTEC SHOPS (or designee) Melchior, Paul AZTEC SHOPS
Student Ables, Nicholas May-22 Mar-22 AS
Student TBD May-22 Sep-21 AS 
Day Friday
Time 10 a.m. — 12 p.m.
Frequency Second Friday each month
Modality via Zoom & in person
Location 3rd floor of Student Union inside "The State Suite"