Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Outreach


The Bylaws detail the areas on which DEO members focus, specifically:

  • University-wide programs for the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students.
  • advice to University administration (subject to approval of the President) regarding prohibited discrimination, equal opportunity, outreach, and related matters.
  • other advisement as requested (for example: to Enrollment Services, student organizations, Departments and Schools, the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance, etc.).

DEO has a membership of 21:

  • Ex-officio members (nine)
      • Provost or designee
      • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs/Enrollment or designee
      • Director of the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance
      • Chief Diversity Officer
      • Chair of the Senate or designee
      • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
      • Associate Vice President Academic Affairs/Academic Engagement and Student Achievement or designee
      • Director of the Center for Human Resources or designee
      • Director of Student Ability Success Center or designee
  • Appointed members (12)
    • nine faculty (one of whom must be an elected Senator)--with each of the seven Colleges, the Library, and the SDSU-IV Campus represented; one of the nine shall serve as Chair
    • two students (one of whom must represent Associated Students)
    • one staff.

AY 2018/19 DEO Roster

Academic Unit (or Ex Officio position) Name
Term Ends Appt Date Department
Assistant Vice President for AA/ Director of Enrollment Srvs
(or designee)
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Student Acheivement Abbott, Janet (designee) DAESA
Director - Center for Human Reources
(or designee)
Cervantes, Isidro (designee)     HR
Chief Diversity Officer Wood, J. Luke AVP DI
Director of Office of Employee Relations and Compliance

Bendinelli, Heather

Faculty – A&L Hernandez, Roberto May-21 Sep-18 CHICANA/O STUDIES
Faculty – BUS Chung, Beth (Chair)* May-21 May-09 MGT
Faculty – EDU Butler-Byrd, Nola May-20 May-09 CSP
Faculty – ENG Alves, Thais May-21 Sep-18 CCE
Faculty – HHS Kressler, Jochen* May-20 Sep-17 ENS
Faculty – PFSA Dykstra-Devette, Tiffany May-21 Sep-18 COMM
Faculty – SCI Vaughn, Allison* May-20  Jan-18 PSY
Faculty – IV Camargo, Esperanza May-20 Aug-17 IV
Faculty – LIA Rhodes, Gloria May-20 Sep-11 LIA
Staff Stewart, Rachael May-19 Jun-16 Ed Lead Coordinator
(or designee)
Brooks, Joanna
Senate Chair
(or designee)
Reinholz, Randy*
May-19 Oct-17 TTF
Vice President - Academic Affairs
(or designee)
Marbray, Antionette
Director of Student Disability and Services Starr, Pam __ __ SDS
Student Booze, Kehmani May-19 Nov-18 AS
Student Estrada, Stephanie  May-19 Oct-18 AS

DEO convenes on Thursdays.  AY 2018/19 dates are listed below.

Fall 2018
Thursday, September 6
Thursday, October 4
Thursday, November 1
Thursday, December 6
Spring 2019


Meetings are held in SSW 2640, from 1:00-2:30pm

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