Disability Access and Compliance Committee

The Committee focuses on campus-specific issues relating to compliance with Executive Order 926 (or its successors) and Coded Memorandum Academic Affairs 2014-08, and applicable federal and state laws and regulations.  The committee is charged with reviewing and advising on issues relating to the following:

  • Discuss, monitor, and evaluate campus- specific issues relating to compliance with the ADA.
  • Discuss, monitor and advise campus-specific issues relating to services to students with disabilities to assist in the evaluation of current campus policies and procedures relating to students with disabilities and to develop plans and recommend priorities relating to programs and services for students with disabilities.

Specifics of the Committee's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.


This Committee has a membership of 15:

  • President or designee
  • Provost or designee
  • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs or designee (serves as Co-chair)
  • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
  • Director of the Center for Human Resources or designee
  • Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning and Operations or designee
  • Chief Information Officer or designee
  • Chief of Police or designee
  • Director of the Office of Employee Relations and Compliance
  • Director of Contract and Procurement Management
  • Director of Student Abilty Success Center (serves as Co-chair)
  • one faculty
  • two students (one graduate, one undergraduate)
  • one staff

Roster / AY 2019-20

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Department
Office of the President   PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Procurement Petrozza, Bruce PROCUREMENT
Employee Relations and Compliance Bendinelli, Heather EMPLOYEE RELATIONS & COMPLIANCE
Information Technology McKelvey, Kent ETS
Student Services Dooley, Andrea STUDENT AFFAIRS
Human Resources Harpole, Thom HR
BFA Administration Rentto, Jessica (Co-Chair) BUSINESS & FINANCE
Public Safety Auxiliary Services Richeson, Debbie PUBLIC SAFETY
Extended Studies Ringland, Francesca CES
Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs (or designee) Schulz, Robert BUSINESS & FINANCE
Director, Student Disability Services Starr, Pamela (Co-Chair) SASC
Faculty – Open Degeneffe, Charles 22-May 16-Aug ARPE
Staff Representative Rizzo, Jon 22-May 13-Dec ITS
Student Representative Olson, Josh 20-May 19-Sep AS
Graduate Student Representative Gerou, Darah 20-May 19-Sep SASC

This Committee meets the 1st Monday of the month at 2:00pm in AD-323. 

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