Faculty Honors and Awards Committee


The committee's charge is the nomination of faculty to the following honors and awards: emeritus status, Senate Excellence in Teaching Award, Alumni Award for Outstanding Faculty Contribution to the University, SDSU Diversity Excellence Award, and such other honors and awards as the Senate shall designate.  Specifics of the Committee's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Committee has a varying membership - depending on the honor or award members are considering.

  • Senate Excellence in Teaching Award: at least four faculty and one student.
  • SDSU Diversity Excellence Award: at least four faculty, two former recipients, a past award recipient, the Chief Diversity Officer, and one alumnus.
  • Alumni Award for Outstanding Faculty Contribution to the University: at least four faculty, a past award recipient, and one alumnus.
  • Emeritus status: at least four faculty.

Roster / AY 2019-20

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Department
Faculty – Open Levitt Kohn, Risa May-20  Feb-17 PHY
Faculty – Open Ozturk, Yusuf* May-22 Oct-07 COMPE
Faculty – Open Welsh, William May-20 Feb-17 ASTR
Faculty – Open Anderson, Matt (Chair) May-22 Jun-16 PHYSICS
(voting on Excellence in Teaching Award Subcommittee)
 Wohlman, Nick May-19 Feb-19 AS
Former Recipient of 
Alumni Award
(voting on Alumni Award Subcomittee)
Love, Tracy May-22 Nov-19 SLHS
Former Recipient of Alumni Award (voting on Alumni Award Subcomittee) Malcarne, Vanessa May-22 Sep-13 PSY

(voting on Alumni Award Subcomittee)



This committee has no regular meetings.