Graduate Council


The Council represents the interest of the University in graduate affairs, and is responsible to the University administration, Dean of Graduate Affairs, the Senate, academic units, faculty members and students; its University-wide jurisdiction derives from the President, the Senate, and faculty.  The Council is responsible for development of policy on a) graduate programs, b) graduate student affairs, c) graduate research and scholarship, and d) faculty participation in graduate programs.

Specifics of the Council's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Council has a membership of 22:

  • 15 full-time faculty, two from each of the seven Ccolleges, and one from SDSU-Imperial Valley
  • Dean of Graduate Affairs or designee, who shall serve as Chair
  • Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Dean of the Library and Information Access
  • two graduate students (with classified status and in good standing; one must represent a doctoral program)

Faculty membrs shall serve staggered three-year terms, and may immediately succeed themselves for one term.

Roster / AY 2020-21

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Department
Assistant Dean - Division of Graduate & Research Affairs Bohonak, Andrew GA
Associate Dean - Division of Graduate & Research Affairs   GA
Dean - Division of Graduate Affairs
Balsdon, Ed* (Chair) GA
Dean of LIA (or designee) Lamont, Lisa (designee) LIA
Faculty – A&L Bosco, Fernando May-21 Dec-18 GEO
Faculty – A&L Riley, Erin May-23 Oct-20 ANTH
Faculty – BUS Gill, Steve May-21 Sep-18 ACCTG
Faculty – BUS Miles, Morgan* (Poor) May-23 Sep-20 MKTG
Faculty – EDU Degeneffe, Chuck May-22 Sep-16 ARPE
Faculty – EDU Lamb, Lisa May-22 Sep-19 TED
Faculty – ENG Kumar, Sunil (completing for Morsi) May-22 16-Sep Mech ENG
Faculty – ENG Sharma, Satish* May-21 Nov-18 E Comp ENG
Faculty – HHS Reed, Mark May-23 Feb-17 SOC WORK
Faculty – HHS Stoskopf, Carleen* May-22 Nov-19 PH
Faculty – PFSA Quick, Kerianne* May-23 Sep-20 ART + D
Faculty – PFSA Santana, Arthur May-23 Nov-20 Journalism
Faculty –SCI Thomas, Jennifer May-22 Sep-16 PSY
Faculty –SCI Orosz, Jerome May-22 Sep-16 BIOL
Faculty-IVC Pearson, David May-21 Sep-20 SDSU Imperial Valley
Provost and Senior Vice Presient Ochoa, Salvador Hector* AA
Director, Division of Reserach Affairs Plemmons, Dena RA+I
Research Affairs & Innovation Gulizia, Rick RA+I
Graduate Affairs Sanchez, Cristina GA
Graduate and Research Affairs Baumann, Rita GRA
Graduate Admissions Lead, Enrollment Services Pina-Harlow, Margarita


Associate Director - Admissions, Enrollment Services Cortell, Sabrina


Associate Director - Admissions, Enrollment Services Temores-Valdez, Sandra


Student – Classified graduate in good academic standing Horg, Aaron, Cassie May-21  Sept-20  
Student – Classified graduate in good academic standing  Wilson, Darren May-21  Sept-20