Intercollegiate Athletics Council


The Council serves as the primary advisory body to the President on varsity intercollegiate athletics.  It represents all segments of the University community interested in athletics at SDSU, and make recommendations to the President about the entire intercollegiate athletic program offered by the Department of Athletics.

Subject to the President's approval, the Council develops policies that guide administration of the intercollegiate athletics program by its Director (for example, on such matters as income and expenditure budgets, grants and other financial aid to student-athletes, eligibility of student athletes, ticket distribution policies, etc.); however, the Council does not have administrative or executive capacity.

Specifics of the Council's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Council has a membership of 26:

Ex-officio members (13):

  • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs
  • Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity or designee
  • Vice President for University Relations and Development or designee
  • President of the Aztec Athletic Foundation or designee
  • Senate Chair or designee
  • Faculty presidential appointee
  • Director of Athletics
  • Senior Associate Director of Athletics (nonvoting)
  • Executive Associate Director of Athletics (nonvoting)
  • Senior Associate Athletic Director of Business (nonvoting)
  • Senior Athletic Director of Student-Athlete Academic Support Services (nonvoting)
  • Senior Associate Athletic Director of Business (nonvoting)
  • Associate Athletic Director of Compliance

Appointment members (13):

  • five faculty appointed by the Senate
  • four faculty appointed by the President
  • one staff appointed by the President of Associated Student
  • one staff appointed by the Student-Athlete Advisory Council
  • one specialist alumnus member appointed by the Director of the Alumni Association
  • one specialist community member appointed by the President
  • one staff member nominated by the Staff Affairs Committee and confirmed by the Senate
Major Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name (*Senator)  Term Ends Appt. Date Dept.
Faculty - Open TBD
Faculty - Open Gonzalez, Gabriel May-23 Sep-17 MKTG
Faculty - Open TBD
Faculty - Open Hentschel, Brian* May-23 Sep-20 BIO
Faculty - Open Gombatto, Sara (Chair) May-24 Aug-21 ENS
Community member Presidential Appointee Marshall, Jim May-24 Oct-18 N/A
Faculty Presidential Appointee Lockwood, Lanie May-24 May-21 PSFA
Faculty Presidential Appointee Papin, Patrick May-24 Sep-21 EMERITUS/CoS
Faculty Presidential Appointee (NCAA Fac. Athl. Rep.) Harris, Frank ARPE
Faculty Presidential Appointee Ross, Donna May-22 May-13 STE
Staff Finch, Suzanne May-24 Sep-21 SAS
VP: Business and Financial Affairs Nickerson, Agnes Wong BUSINESS & FINANCE
VP: Student Affairs and Campus Diversity Kitchen/ James SACD
VP: University Relations and Development Vargas, Adrienne URAD
Student - Student Athlete Advisory Council Hill, Quentin May-22 Aug-21 SAAC
Student - Associated Student Rep Inglis, Alexander May-22 Nov-21 AS
President: Aztec Athletic Foundation TBD AZTEC ATHLETICS
Alumnus Appointed by Director of Alumni Association Spinardi, Kim May-24 Sep-21 ALUMNI
TBD: Campus Diversity Rep Ulloa, Emilio May-25 Sep-22 SACD
Director: Athletics
Wicker, John David ATHLETICS
Executive Associate Athletic Director: Senior Woman Administrator
Bramer, Jenny ATHLETICS
Executive Associate Athletic Director: Business Administration
Executive Athletic Director: Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
Smitheran, Bobby ATHLETICS
Executive Associate Athletic Director: Develoment
Senior Associate Athletic Director: Compliance
Athletic Trainer and Health Educator
Twobly, Alex ATHLETICS
Athletic Business Office Manager
Chair: URP
Ryan, Sherry SENATE
Assistant VP: Budget & Finance
Herrick, Jim BFA
Associate VP: Budget & Finance
Little, Crystal BFA
CEO: Campanile Foundation
Fuhriman, David BFA
AVP: Administration
Rentto, Jessica BFA
Ttile IX Coordinator
Mendez, Gail BFA
Day Tuesday
Time TBD
Frequency Twice a semester
Modality via Zoom
Location N/A