University Library Committee


The UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File details the areas on which Committee members focus - specifically:

  • allocation of book and periodical funds.
  • Library policies and programs.
  • other matters relating to Library policy and planning.

This Committee has a membership of 19:

  • 15 faculty, two from each from the seven Colleges, and one from the SDSU-IV Campus
  • Dean of the Library and Information Access
  • one Library staff (nonprofessional)
  • two students

Roster / AY 2018-19

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name Term Ends Appt. Date Department Senator
Faculty – A&L Alkebulan, Adisa 20-May 18-Feb AFR STUD Sen
Faculty – A&L Beasley, Edward (Chair) 21-May 15-Jun HIST  
Faculty – BUS Kim, Jaemin 21-May 18-Sep FIN  
Faculty – BUS Gill, Steven 20-May 17-Sep FIN Sen
Faculty – EDU Duesbery, Luke 20-May 9-Mar STE  
Faculty – EDU Lozada-Santone, Patricia 19-May 14-Nov CSP  
Faculty – ENG Mitropoulos, Takis 20-May 12-Feb CIV/CON/ENV E  
Faculty – ENG Engin, Ege 21-May 15-Apr COMPE/E E Sen
Faculty – HHS Engstrom, David 19-May 7-Apr SWORK  
Faculty – HHS Rauh, Mitch 21-May 15-May PT Sen
Faculty – PFSA Delgado, Kevin 19-May 13-Oct MUSIC  
Faculty – PFSA Seiters, Leslie 19-May 13-Oct DANCE  
Faculty – SCI Waters, Elizabeth 20-May 17-Aug BIO Sen
Faculty – SCI Zona, Donatella 21-May 18-Sep BIO Sen
Faculty – IVC Jancsics, David 20-May 17-Aug IVC  
Library Staff
Buskirk, Layna 19-May 16-Aug LIA  
Dean of Library and
Information Access
McCarthy, Patrick LIA  
Student Salunke, Mohini 19-May 17-Nov AS  
Student Togatorop, Meegan 19-May 18-Nov AS