Bookstore Advisory Committee


The Committee works to improve the relationship between the faculty and Aztec Shops Bookstore by reviewing Bookstore policies, textbook requisitions, sales data, and custom course packets.  Specifics of the Committee's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This committee has a membership of 14:

Ex-officio members (2):

  • the Book Department Manager
  • the Aztec Shops General Manager

Appointed members (12):

  • the Senate representative to Aztec Shops
  • eight faculty,
    • one from each college & SDSU Imperial Valley
  • one Aztec Shops Board representative
  • one staff member
  • one student
Major Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Dept.
Faculty - A&L Urzua Beltran, Alfredo* May-23 Sep-20 SPAN/PORT
Faculty - FCOB Castro, Iana (Chair) May-23 Oct-14 MKTG
Faculty - EDU Gates, Lisa* May-23 Sep-20 POST SEC EDU
Faculty - ENG Dykstra, Christy May-22 Sep-19 CCE ENG
Faculty - HHS Pruitt-Lord, Sonja May-23 May-20 HHS
Faculty - PSFA Bober-Michel, Marcie May-22 Sep-19 JMS
Faculty - SCI Interlando, Carmelo May-24 Sep-18 MATH
Faculty - IV Shamsalizadeh, Neda May-23 Sep-20 IVC
Senate Member (Representative to Aztec Shops) Juan, Michael* May-24 Sep-18 C&PS
Staff Martinez, Andrianna* May-24 May-21
Aztec Shops Board Representative Brown, Kathy Aztec Shops
Aztec Shops General Manager Avestruz, Melinda Aztec Shops 
Book Department Manager Compton, Ben Aztec Shops 
Student Jackson-Little, Ian May-22   Oct-21  AS
Next meeting details will be determined during Spring 2022
Time TBD
Frequency TBD
Location TBD
Modality TBD
October 10, 2021
March 15, 2022