Staff Excellence Awards
1.1 Five merit awards (Community Service, Service to the University, Staff-to-Staff Mentoring, Innovation and Team Effort) are available to recognize formally those San Diego State University staff members who have made significant contributions in each of the respective areas based on criteria posted on the Staff Affairs Committee website.
Procedure and Criteria for Nomination
2.1 To be eligible, nominees must be permanent full-time staff employees of San Diego State University (San Diego and/or SDSU Imperial Valley) in good standing with the University, and be employed with the University at the time of the award, as verified through Human Resources. Members of the Staff Honors and Awards committee are ineligible to receive an award during any year they serve on the committee.
2.2 The Staff Honors and Awards Committee shall issue a campus wide call for nominations, utilizing a wide variety of methods, in order to collect nominations in each category. Nominations may be received from staff, students, faculty members, administrators, alumni, and other members of the community. Nominees will be considered for an award only in the category in which they are nominated, however an individual may be nominated in more than one category. Separate nominations are required for each category
2.3 Each nomination shall include: (a) Nominator’s contact information (name, department, telephone, email, primary role) (b) Name and contact information of nominee (c) Award nomination category (d) Description of work or event that is deserving of award (e) Actions that set the nominee apart from other candidates, and (f) Unique qualities that make the nominee worthy of award.
2.4 The Staff Honors and Awards Committee shall review all nominations, determine eligibility and select those nominations which best fit the criteria for each category. The committee will then forward up to three vetted, unranked nominations in each category to the President, who shall select the recipients. The president will determine how many awards, if any, will be given in each category.
1.0 Faculty, staff, and administration shall complement each other in the mission of the university to provide the best possible education for its students. Accordingly, San Diego State University shall strive to provide an environment where people demonstrate mutual respect regardless of rank or role.
2.0 For employees covered under specific collective bargaining agreements, policies relating to wages, hours, work assignments, and working conditions shall be addressed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement
(CBA) for each one of those employees’ specified unit. A copy of the employee’s agreement shall be found in the Center for Human Resources and shall be made available to any staff member upon request.
3.0 Information on policies relating to employees of auxiliary organizations and other organizations as listed in the Office of the Chancellor pursuant to Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, sec. 42406, and covered by sec. 42405, shall be located in the human resources department for each specific auxiliary organization.
4.0 Policies relating to employees under the Management Personnel Plan shall be covered by Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, secs. 42720–42723.
Academic Misconduct*

Staff shall not provide students with unethical academic assistance, including but not limited to: providing or arranging for the provision of

(a) copies of a test, an examination, or other course material to any student without the permission of the instructor;
(b) fraudulent academic credit or false transcripts regarding an individual’s academic record; and
(c) an academic exception that results in a grade change, academic credit, or fulfillment of a graduation requirement when such an exception is not available to all students.

Any disciplinary action will be administered in accordance with the Education Code and applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

*Approved at the March 2018 Senate meeting.