Promotions and Tenure Review Board

Storm Hall West at dusk

The Board reviews recommendations from Departments and Schools, Department Chairs and School Directors, Colleges, and Deans regarding reappointment, promotion, and tenure.  Specifics of the Board's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Committee has a membership of 8:

  • Eight full professors.
    • One from each college & IV.
  • One Chair chosen by the panel.
Major Academic Unt(or Ex Officio Position) Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Department
Faculty – PFSA Reinholz, Randy May-22 Sep-20 THTR/TV/FILM
Faculty – A&L Gawron, Mark May-22 Sep-20 LING/ASIAN STUDIES
Faculty – FCOB TBD (Chair) May-22 Sep-20
Faculty – EDU Cappello, Marv* May-23 Sep-21 TEACH EDU
Faculty – ENG May-Newman, Kare* May-23 Sep-21 MECH ENG
Faculty – HHS Hong, Mee Young May-23 Sep-21 ENS
Faculty – SCI Weber, Fridolin May-22 Sep-20 PHYS
Faculty – IV Altamirano, Magdalena May-23 Sep-21 SPAN
Day Friday
Time 10:00 am
Frequency Weekly
Modality via Zoom