SEC Roster for AY 2019/20

Name Role Email
Adams, Brian Senator at Large [email protected]
Atterton, Peter
(Tod Reeder substituting in Fall 2019)
Chair, Committee on Constitution and Bylaws

[email protected]
[email protected]

Butler-Byrd, Nola Senate Vice-Chair [email protected]
Chie, Cyndi Senate Secretary [email protected]
Csomay, Eniko CSU Academic Senate [email protected]
Eadie, Bill Parliamentarian [email protected]
Espinosa, Salvador Senator at Large [email protected]
Hopkins, D.J. Chair, Committee on Academic Policy and Planning [email protected]
Mattingly, Doreen CFA President [email protected]
Ochoa, Salvador Hector Provost and Senior Vice President [email protected] 
Onwuka, Christain President, Associated Students [email protected]
Peter, Paula Chair, Committee on Faculty Affairs

[email protected]

Ponomarenko, Vadim Senator at Large [email protected]
Preciado, Jose Staff Representative  [email protected]
Reed, Mark Co-Chair, Committee on Academic Resources and Planning [email protected]
Rhodes, Gloria Chair, Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion [email protected]
Shultz, Norah Associate Vice President,
Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement 
[email protected]
Vaughn, Allison Chair, Committee on Committees and Elections [email protected]
Verity, Larry Chair, Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum [email protected]
Welter, Stephen Vice President of Research
and Graduate Dean 
[email protected]
Wheeler, Mark Senate Chair [email protected]