Senate Officers

Senate Officers are elected annually, and include the following:

  • Chair, who also serves as Chair of the Faculty. The Senate Chair must be an elected Senator;
  • Vice Chair, who also must be a faculty member and an elected Senator;
  • Secretary, who must be an elected Senator;
  • Treasurer, who must be an elected Senator; and
  • Parliamentarian, who is appointed annually but need not be a member of the Senate.

Senate Officer elections are held in the Spring semester, following the general membership election; below are the Officers for the AY 2020-21.

Senate Chair
Wil Weston
Librarian and Professor
Collections and Resources, SDSU Malcolm A. Love Library

Senate Vice Chair
Nola Butler-Byrd
Associate Professor of Counseling and School Psychology
Director, Community-Based Block Multicultural Counseling & Social Justice Education Program
Senator, Academic Senate of the California State University
Department Counseling and School Psychology / College of Education

Senate Secretary
Jose Preciado 
Student Services Professional IV (Staff)
Director of General Studies/Faculty-Student Mentoring Program
Office of Faculty Advancement and Student Success

Senate Treasurer 
Amanda Fuller
Office of Faculty Advancement & Student Success

Senate Parliamentarian

William Eadie
Professor Emeritus
School of Journalism and Media Studies
/ College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts