Senate Officers

Senate Officers are elected annually, and include the following:

  • Chair, who also serves as Chair of the Faculty. The Senate Chair must be an elected Senator;
  • Vice Chair, who also must be a faculty member and an elected Senator;
  • Secretary, who must be an elected Senator;
  • Treasurer, who must be an elected Senator; and
  • Parliamentarian, who is appointed annually but need not be a member of the Senate.

Senate Officer elections are held in the Spring semester, following the general membership election; below are the Officers for the AY 2021-22.

Senate Chair
Wil Weston
Librarian and Professor
Collections and Resources, SDSU Malcolm A. Love Library

Senate Vice Chair
Nola Butler-Byrd
Associate Professor of Counseling and School Psychology
Director, Community-Based Block Multicultural Counseling & Social Justice Education Program
Senator, Academic Senate of the California State University
Department Counseling and School Psychology / College of Education

Senate Secretary
Jose Preciado 
Student Services Professional IV (Staff)
Director of General Studies/Faculty-Student Mentoring Program
Office of Faculty Advancement and Student Success

Senate Treasurer 
Amanda Fuller
Director of Student Success Initiatives
Office of Faculty Advancement and Student Success

Senate Parliamentarian
William Eadie
Professor Emeritus
School of Journalism and Media Studies
/ College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts