Senate Roster for AY 2022/23

Name Term Email
Adams, Brian  2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
Alkebulan, Adisa  2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected]
An, Li  2020-2023 [email protected]
Anson, April  2022-2025 [email protected]
Atterton, Peter  2022-2025 [email protected]
Borgstrom, Michael  2021-2024 [email protected]
Brown, Tim  2022-2025 [email protected]
Gibbons, Joseph  2020-2023 [email protected]
Hernandez, Roberto  2022-2025 [email protected]
Lauer, Matt  2022-2025 [email protected]
Kamper, David  2021-2024 [email protected]
Kim, Minjeong Replacement [email protected]
Murdock, Esme  2022-2025 [email protected]
O'Brien, Cheryl  2020-2023 [email protected]
Schulze, Mathias  2020-2023 [email protected]
Skupin, Andre  2022-2025 [email protected]
Name Term
Ahsan, Mujtaba 2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
Bernerth, Jeremy 2020-2023 [email protected]
Gubellini, Stefano 2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
LaChance, Marie Eve 2022-2025 [email protected]
Luo, Yan 2021-2024 [email protected]
Miles, Morgan 2020-2023 [email protected]
Tang, Ning 2020-2023 [email protected] 
Name Term
Cappello, Marva 2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
Chizhik, Estella 2020-2023 [email protected]
Degeneffe, Charles 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected]
Johnson, Nicholas 2021-2024 [email protected]
Kraemer, Bonnie 2021-2024 [email protected]
Tucker, Mark 2022-2025 [email protected]
Vasquez, Marissa 2021-2024 [email protected]
Name Term Email
Abel-Mills, Alyson 2020-2023 [email protected]
Baek, Jong Deuk (JD) 2022-2025 [email protected]
Gates, Michael 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected]
Liu, Chanqi 2022-2025 [email protected]
Nedjat-Haiem, Frances 2020-2023 [email protected]
Preminger, Jill 2021-2024 [email protected]
Rauh, Mitchell 2022-2025 [email protected]
Stoskopf, Carleen 2020-2023 [email protected]
Urada, Lianna 2021-2024 [email protected]
Name Term Email
Asante, Godfried 2022-2025 [email protected]
Bedau, Dani 2022-2025 [email protected]
Delgado, Kevin 2022-2025 [email protected]
Dillette, Alana 2022-2025 [email protected]
Dykstra-Devette, Tiffany 2022-2025 [email protected]
Jancsics, David 2022-2025 [email protected]
Quick, Kerianne 2020-2023 [email protected] 
Sasidharan, Vinod 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected] 
Schmitz Weiss, Amy 2022-2025 [email protected]
Smigel, Eric 2020-2023 [email protected] 
Name Term Email
Atkins, Cathie 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected]
Baljon, Arlette 2020-2023 [email protected]
Blomgren, Peter 2020-2023 [email protected]
Donyanavard, Bryan 2022-2025 [email protected]
Hentschel, Brian Replacement [email protected] 
Kelley, Scott 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected] 
Love, John 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected]
Maloney, Jilian Replacement [email protected]
Marx, David 2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
O'neill, Chris Replacement [email protected]
O'Sullivan, Michael 2021-2024 [email protected] 
Orosz, Jerome Replacement [email protected]
Ponomarenko, Vadim 2021-2024 [email protected] 
Purse, Byron Replacement [email protected]
Schellenberg, Stephen 2022-2025 [email protected]
Name Term Email
Abman, Zamira 2021-2024 [email protected]
Brown, Ajani 2020-2023 [email protected]
McDaniels-Davidson, Corinne Replacement [email protected]
Fuller, Amanda Replacement [email protected]
Gates, Lisa 2020-2023 [email protected]
Mackenzie, Narelle 2017-2023 (2nd) [email protected]
Morrison, Justin 2022-2025 [email protected]
Schuermann, Savanna 2021-2024 [email protected]
Name Term
TBD - -
Name Term
Abarbanell, Linda 2017-2023 (2nd)  [email protected]
Ponce, Gregorio 2022-2025 [email protected]
Name Term Email
Holvoet, Kate 2022-2025 [email protected]
Jeffery, Keven 2022-2025 [email protected]
Lach, Pamella 2020-2023 [email protected]
Name Term
Richeson, Debbie 2020-2023 [email protected]
Montero-Adams, Caryl 2022-2025 [email protected]
Name Term Email
Aguilar, Norma 2022-2025 [email protected]
Carter-Curtis, Nikole 2022-2025 [email protected]
Lenoue, Michelle 2022-2025 [email protected]
Rehfuss, Todd 2021-2024 [email protected]
Walls, Pat 2022-2025 [email protected]
Wills, Brenda 2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
Name Term
Lange, James 2022-2025 [email protected]

Below are the Senators representing the Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU).

Name Term
Butler-Byrd, Nola 2016-2022 (2nd) [email protected]
Csomay, Eniko 2018-2024 (2nd) [email protected]
Ornatowski, Cezar 2020-2023 [email protected]
Name Role Email
Brooks, Joanna AVP: Faculty Advancement & Student Success (AA) [email protected] 
De la Torre, Adela President [email protected]
Madanat, Hala VP: Research & Innovation [email protected]
McCall, Madhavi AVP: Curriculum, Assessment & Accretidation (AA) [email protected]
Ochoa, Savador Hector Provost & Senior VP (AA) [email protected]
Myers-Bowman, Karen Dean of Global Campus [email protected]
Tong, William Vice Provost (AA) [email protected] 
Vargas, Adrienne VP: University Relations & Development [email protected]
Wong Nickerson, Agnes VP: Business & Financial Affairs [email protected]
Wood, Luke VP: Student Affairs & Campus Diversity [email protected]
Name Term Email
Barfuss, Josh Graduate Student [email protected]
Castro, Alan IVC A.S. Vice President of University Affairs [email protected]
Espinoza, Angie Graduate Student [email protected]
Horton-Alvarado, Jazmyn IVC A.S. President [email protected]
Mekany, Sandy A.S. VP University Affairs [email protected]
Moore, Shawki A.S. President [email protected]
Winter, Robson A.S. VP External Affairs [email protected]
Name Role
Abdel-Samad, Mounah California Faculty Association
President, SDSU Chapter
[email protected] Non-voting
Name Role
Ruiz, Marlene SDSU Alumni - Non-voting
Schlaefli, Justin SDSU Alumni - Non-voting
Name Role
Weston, Wil Immediate Past Senate Chair [email protected] Non-voting
Name Role

Shackelford, Gordon

Emeritus Faculty

[email protected]


The Senate Parliamentarian is an appointed, nonvoting position without a specific term of service.

Name Role
Wheeler, Mark Parliamentarian [email protected] Non-voting