Staff Affairs Committee


As part of SDSU's shared governance philosophy, the Committee encourages participation of permanent SDSU/CSU employees in all related and appropriate matters concerning the interest of staff; such participation may include serving on both standing and appointed Committees.  Specifics of the Committee's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Committee has a membership of 30:

Ex-officio members (15):

  • University Resources and Planning
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Associated Students Facilities
  • Bookstore Advisory
  • Campus Development
  • Campus Fee Advisory
  • Disability Access and Compliance
  • Environment and Safety
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Instructional and Information Technology
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Council
  • Student Grievance
  • Student Media Advisory
  • Sustainability

Appointed members (15):

  • eleven staff members from throughout the university
  • two faculty members (tenure-line or lecturer), one of whom shall be a senator
  • a student representative appointed by Associated Students
  • a staff member serving as Ex-officio of the Senate Executive Committee
Major Academic Unit or Ex Officio Position Name (*Senator)
Term Ends Appt. Date Dept.
Staff McLaughlin, Conner May-25 May-22 REO
Staff Barbagello, Anthony May-24 Oct-21 FAC SERVICES
Staff Legaspi, Ed May-25 May-22 IT
Staff Martin, Aura May-24 May-21 URAD
Staff Chie, Cyndi May-25 May-22 ES
Staff Rush, Kevin May-24 Oct-21 REO
Staff Lopez, Jessica May-23 Sep-17 BA
Staff Fennell, Vanessa May-25 May-22 SAS
Staff Guzman, Roberto May-25 May-22 EOP
Staff Rehfuss, Todd (Chair) May-25 May-22 ACCTNG
Staff Lenoue, Michelle May-25 May-22 CAL
Faculty – Open (Senator) Brandon, Regina May-22 Nov-19 EDU
Faculty – Open Schulze, Mat May-24 Aug-21 LARC
Student TBD May-23 May-22 AS
Staff Wills, Brenda May-24 May-21 CAA
Bookstore Advisory Martinez, Andrianna May-24 Oct-21 CGS
Campus Development TBD May-22 Jul-01  -
Committees and Elections TBD May-25 May-22  -
Constitution and Bylaws Wills, Brenda May-22 Aug-19 CAA
Diversity, Equity and Outreach Carter-Curtis, Nikole May-25 May-22 PSFA
Environment and Safety Niesman, Ingrid May-25 May-22 BIO
Fee Advisory Committee, Campus Aguilar, Norma May-25 May-22 IV
Freedom of Expression Finch, Suzanne May-22 Oct-09 FCB
Instructional and Information Technology TBD May-22 Feb-13  -
Intercollegiate Athletic Council Finch, Suzanne May-24 Sep-21 SAS
Student Grievance Nace, Natasha May-24 Aug-21 WC
Student Media Advisory TBD May-22 May-19  -
Sustainability Walls, Pat May-25 May-22 CGS
University Resources and Planning Attiq, Bann May-22 May-19 COS
Day Monday
Time 12:00 p.m.
Frequency Second Monday monthly
Modality via Zoom
Location N/A