Student Grievance Committee

The Committee hears and seeks redress of student grievances concerning members of the faculty, administration, or staff, and then makes recommendations concerning disciplinary action.  Specifics of the Committee's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Committee has a membership of 12 (+8):

  • five students (and three alternates).
  • three faculty, at least one full-time f(and two alternates).
  • two full-time administrators (and two alternates).
  • one full-time staff (and one alternate).
  • Ombudsman (nonvoting).
Major Academic Unt(or Ex Officio Position) Name (*Senator) Term Ends Appt. Date Department
President and Chair Martin, Estralita (Chair) May-23 Aug-17 CoS
Administrator, Full-Time Anderson, Stephanie May-22 Sep-21 REGISTRAR
Administrator, Full-Time Castro, Janet May-22 Oct-19 TEST SRV
Administrator, Full-Time, Alternate Villegas, Henry May-22 Sept-16 IVC DOS
Administrator, Full-Time, Alternate Goulet, Sue May-23 Aug-17 FIN AID & SCH
Faculty (Full-Time) - Open Bernerth, Jeremy* May-23 Sep-20 MGMT
Faculty (Full-Time) - Open Khaefi, Arian May-24 Aug-21 MUSIC
Faculty (Full-Time) - Open Heng, Greta May-24 Aug-21 LIBRARY
Faculty (Full-Time) - Open (Alternate) Ruston, Ian May-22 Dec-19 LING
Faculty (Full-Time) - Open (Alternate) MacKenzie, Narelle* May-22 Dec-19 ACCOUNT
Ombudsman Hess, Darrell OMSDMN
Staff (Full Time) Nace, Natasha May-24 Aug-21 TAC
Staff (Full Time) - Alternate Vu, Peter May-24 Aug-21 AS
Student Uriarte, Ysabell May-22 Aug-21 AS
Student Liu, Guan May-22 Aug-21 AS
Student Moore, Shawki* May-22 Aug-21 AS
Student Berger, Kendall May-22 Oct-21 AS
Student TBD
Student, Alternate Gamble, David May-22 Oct-21 AS
Student, Alternate Nguyen, Lindsey May-22 Oct-21 AS
Student, Alternate Le Veille, Brenden May-21 Oct-21 AS
Day Thursday
Time 2:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Frequency Every two weeks
Modality via Zoom