Student Media Advisory Committee


The Committee shall be an advisory body to the University President and student-run media.  Specifcs of the Board's charge are detailed in the UNIVERSITY POLICIES: Committees and Councils section of the Policy File.

This Committee has a membership of 17:

  • President of Associated Students or designee
  • Associated Students Vice President for Finance or designee
  • Associated Students Executive Director or designee
  • Daily Aztec Editor (nonvoting)
  • Daily Aztec General Manager (nonvoting)
  • KCR Radio General Manager (nonvoting)
  • University President designee
  • Student Affairs designee
  • University Relations and Development designee
  • Business and Financial Affairs designee
  • three faculty, one from the School of Journalism and Media Studies
  • one staff
  • four students

Roster / AY 2019-20

Major Academic Unit
(or Ex Officio Position)
Name Term Ends Appt. Date Department
Associated Students
- President (or designee)
Onwuka, Christian 20-May 19-Aug AS
Associated Students
- Vice President for Finance
(or designee)
Adkins, Dustin 20-May 18-Aug AS
Associated Students
- Executive Director
(or designee) (nonvoting)
Rea, Patty AS
Daily Aztec Editor (nonvoting) Fritz, Will  
Daily Aztec General Manager (nonvoting) Harn, Jay AS
KCR Radio General Manager and Faculty Adviser (nonvoting) Michel, Brett  
University President Designee    
Student Affairs Designee Snapp, Catherine Comm Serv
University Relations and Development Designee Luevanos, Giselle (Chair) URAD
Business and Financial Affairs Designee Jacobs, Gina BUSINESS & FINANCE
Faculty – Member of Journalism Program Mueller, Barbara 19-May 13-May JMS
Faculty – Open Santana, Arthur 20-May 17-Sep JMS
Faculty – Open Schmitz Weiss, Amy 19-May 13-May JMS
Staff Norton, Skot 21-May 18-Sep KPBS
AS Appointed Student Cravens, Ronnie 19-May 18-Oct AS
AS Appointed Student Osinfolarin, Tomisin 19-May 18-Oct AS
AS Appointed Student Wiafe, Michael 19-May 18-Oct AS
AS Appointed Student Wohlman, Nikolas  19-May 18-Oct AS