ROSTERS: Senate & Committees

This is the MASTER Roster document used by Senate Officers. It is updated in a collaborative effort by the Senate Secretary, Senate Analyst, and the Chair of the Committee on Committees and Elections.

The document has multiple tabs:

  • KEY: includes common abbreviations, accronyms and terminology. 
  • SENATE ROSTER: the roster of elected and ex officio Senate members for the SDSU University Senate, along with their committee assignments.
  • COMMITTEE OVERVIEW: See a complete list of all committees affiliated in any way with the SDSU University Senate. This includes each committee, the chair, the chair's email, the student reps by committee, and the staff reps by committee. 
  • COMMITTEE TABS: The remainder of the tabs are for individual committees. Individual committee tabs share a variety of information about the committee (e.g., membership rules, committee function, links to submit queries to a committee). There are three different types of committees, identified by the color of the tab.
    1. Dark Blue Tabs = Senate Standing Committees
    2. Pink Tabs = Senate Committees
    3. Turquoise Tabs = Campus Committees that have Senate-appointed members.

NOTE: These rosters are updated and maintained in real time, however, we depend on chairs and other members to help us keep the information up-to-date. If you have information that can help update or correct these rosters, or the information in them, we welcome your feedback and ask that you please submit a Senate Help Request.

NOTE: Committee Chairs are responsible for maintaining records, including agendas, minutes, etc., for the committee they chair. If you need information about a specific committee, or would like to request a copy of a meeting agenda, meeting minutes or you have a question for a specific committee, please use the above button to find the committee chair's contact information (see "Committee Overview" tab of spreasdheet) and email that committee chair directly.