The Policy File (section "Academic Policies") covers development and approval of the Academic Calendar for upcoming year(s). The process is managed by the Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement and Student Success, and is based on an array of algorithms that account for guidelines established by the State of California and the faculty unit's collective bargaining agreement.

Because all calendars vary from year to year, the AVP-FASS may need to also consult with appropriate campus officers. In years when scheduling faces challenges that force deviation from established algorithms, the University Senate must also be consulted.

In 2021, SDSU Senate's University Resources and Planning Committee (UR&P) adopted a strategic budget communication process.

At any time during the calendar year, members of the university community may call upon the UR&P committee to clarify budget issues or concerns.  The UR&P committee chair will assign these inquiries to a sub-committee of 2 to 3 UR&P committee members who will investigate and draft a short brief describing their findings. This process is intended to address concerns quickly (within 2-4 weeks) and provide the necessary facts to support informed discussions.  

Deliverable: Budget Issue Brief.

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